The Cards


Executives and the Company Dog

The right management team makes it easier to attract investors and raise funds! Build your management team by playing an Executive card. The Company Dog can substitute for any executive that is missing from your management team. 

Poached Executive

Looks like your rival’s CEO found a better opportunity! Lure an Executive away from a rival’s team with a Poached Executive card (even the Company Dog)! Once you've poached an Executive, you can add the Executive to your own management team if needed. 

Golden Handcuffs

Keep your Executives where they belong…with you! Golden Handcuffs cards prevent Executives from being poached by rival startups.  

Funding Levels

Every entrepreneur begins at the Friends, Family, & Crowdfunding level. As you build your team and make Connections, you can move up to the Angel Investor level, then finally to Venture Capital. Your Funding Level determines how much Funding you can raise at a time.  


Funding cards tell you how much money you’ve raised. But read the terms first! Larger amounts of money can only be deposited by entrepreneurs at the Angel Investor or Venture Capital levels. 


It helps to know the right people! Connection cards help you move up a Funding Level so you can raise more money! 


Bad Reputation

Ruin a rival’s network with a Bad Reputation! Playing this card against a rival entrepreneur deprives them of one of their Connections and might even knock them down to a lower Funding Level.  that is missing from your management team. 

You've Been Hacked

With this card, you can steal any card from a rival’s Conference Room (Executives or Connections). 

Budget Buster

Unexpected expenses are a pain! Play this card against another entrepreneur to cost your rival one Funding card of any amount. 


 Is your idea a real game changer? Draw the Innovation card and immediately advance to the Venture Capital level! You stay at this Funding Level as long as you have the Innovation card, but beware of Nefarious Sabotage!  

Nefarious Sabotage

Use Nefarious Sabotage to take the Innovation card away from a rival.  

Wow Me!

If you draw a Wow Me card, it’s time for a Wow Me round! Entrepreneurs go around the room explaining an aspect of their startup. You might have to name your chief competitors, describe a marketing plan, draw a logo, or sing a jingle! Everyone votes on the biggest Wow (you can’t vote for yourself), and the winner gets the reward on the card.